Do The Weight Lifting Routines Defined By Popular Health And Fitness Magazines Work?

If you happen to follow the editions of a health and fitness magazine on a consistent basis, undoubtedly you will notice a very interesting fact. Each and every edition comes with new breakthrough training programs that guarantee you crazy pumps like you’ve never seen before. Something is not quite right there, isn’t it? How many times can bodybuilding science make cutthroat breakthroughs in pre-workout supplements or bodybuilding regimes? Many fitness magazines are filled with empty claims and you might reach nothing but a dead end if you fall on a collection of recipes for weight lifting routines that lead to nothing but exhaustion and injury.I am going to refrain from being biased here. Many magazines define appreciable weight lifting routines but often forget to set the required parameters. No two individuals are alike. Where the training pattern described in one magazine might work wonders for a few select individuals, for others, the same weight lifting routines might prove to be disastrous. Most fitness magazines describe weight lifting routines consisting of outstanding exercise selections and structures ideal for experienced fitness enthusiasts but lead to exhaustion for beginners. Some of the combinations of high training volume and maximized training intensity are just not suitable for the real people.The good question here is why? Why don’t the seemingly good training programs work when implemented in reality. A very useful fact for you is that your muscle fibres can withstand no more than a combined 30-45 minutes of extreme tearing and energy depletion which occurs when you do intense weight training. Full intensity training should not be applied to every set and rep consistently. Training volume and training intensity are two variables that need to be balanced and most of the weight lifting routines in fitness magazines lack that particular aspect. If you push yourself too hard with your training believing you will have a body to die for at the end as promised by magazines, you can be subject to over-training, a destructive state you don’t want to be in when undertaking your weight lifting routines. For best results, you should look out for those weight lifting routines that suggest 6-8 intense sets for the large muscle groups of your body and 2-4 sets for small ones.However, most workout magazines contain useful tips on proper exercise form. You might want to watch out for those when you design your weight training programs. Many articles in the fitness magazines come attached with photos of professional lifts with regard for safety. However, do not take the information provided at face value. Always double check the tips before you begin with your weight lifting routines. It might be a good idea to visit bodybuilding forums to top up on your knowledge of weight lifting routines. Do not subject yourself to injury by silly beginner mistakes such as using a slack grip with thumbs wrapped behind the bar instead of around it. You should always include safety collars in your weight lifting routines. For these reasons, when you watch out for your ideal bodybuilding program, do not just focus on the written content, you need to view associated pictures with suspicion as well.

Worrying About the Snow Can Stop You in Your Health and Fitness Tracks

There’s a reason the saying “You only get one chance” is such a cliché… because it’s TRUE!You only have one opportunity to live this life (at least as far as I know) so why not make it fantastic? Why not do something that you’ve never done before.Let me tell you a personal story that you might be able relate to…Annmarie’s (my partner in crime) Volkswagen was getting older. We could feel it in the steering and the breaks and the engine. It was a 2002 Jetta with over 92,000 miles. Talk about driving!About a week ago, we were walking around New Caanan, CT and passed the Ford dealership. Outside in the lot was a beautiful 2006 Mustang. Now, I’m not a car guy, but this thing can make anyone with a pulse get excited. This thing had it all… down to the chrome air vents and the “Mustang” tape along the side panel.I ran a finger along the spoiler, turned to Ann and said, “What’s stopping us from getting this car? Why don’t we have one of these things?””The snow,” she said.”That’s it?””Yeah, I guess.”Well, for someone like me, that wasn’t enough.I wasn’t going to let some unpredictable factor like the snow get in the way of my life. How many times did it really snow this winter… and the last… and the one before that. Not enough to stop me from getting a great looking car. Worrying about the snow is not the way to live if you know you only get one shot.We had a Mustang in less than 10 days.Hey, if the thing stinks in the snow, then we’ll work it out. But think about all the days there won’t be snow and we’ll be revving the engine at a stoplight, enjoying the ride!Have you been making your decisions based on the snow?How many miles do you feel like you have on YOUR odometer. Do you feel like Ann’s Jetta? Still young and overworked?You don’t have to feel this way… particularly since you really do only have once go at it. You can be a Mustang. You can use the momentum that you’ve already gotten from starting to take you to a new level of health and fitness.What you have to do is stop making silly excuses. Yes, I know you’re busy! I am too. What you need to understand is that you’ll be really pissed when you’re not busy and your body has deteriorated to a point where you can’t work anymore. Or when you’re kids or grandkids want to go out and play with you and you’re molded to the couch because you can’t muster the energy to get off your duff.Stop worrying about your employees, your kids, your business… the snow… and take care of yourself.If you do, then everyone else will be taken care of as well.

9 Fun and Easy Ways to Have More Energy Through Health and Fitness

In over 14 years of facilitating entrepreneurs and solopreneurs one of their dreams is to have more time and energy through health and fitness to create financial success. This dream can become very destructive to their health because they are focusing only on making more money.It saddens me to see well intention individuals spin their wheels when they are several ways that will not only save them money but allow them to have more energy. And I am going to reveal nine of the best ones.Here there are: 9 fun and easy ways to have more energy through health and fitness.#1: Eat healthier snacks. You do not need those high calorie chips, cookies, or candy to fulfill your snack instinct. Keep fresh fruits and vegetables ready to pull out and snack on. Peanut butter on celery is one of my favorite snacks!#2: It’s fine to have candy or a special snack once in a while, but try replacing those with the healthier snacks and saving them for a special occasion.#3: Choose your food intake according to the food pyramid. Eat the right amount of fruits and vegetables and limit your fat intake. This means cutting down on your red meat consumption and choose fish or chicken instead.#4: Your body needs calcium and many other vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Look at food labels to help you decide if you are getting your daily requirements of these essential nutrients.#5: Health and fitness includes taking part in some form of physical exercise or activity.#6: Exercise does not have to be boring or a chore that you have to do every day. You can have fun while getting the proper amount of physical activity. Take a walk with friends, take your dog for a long walk, or dance!#7: Dancing is a great form of physical activity and so much fun when you are with friends. Turn on your favorite music and dance around your living room or while cleaning house or your room.#8: What fun it is to combine fun and work and get the added bonus of making your body more fit.#9: Health and fitness do go together and you can make your body healthier with just a few minor life style changes.I am challenging you to start having more energy by following the health and fitness tips I outlined above. So I hope you will take the priceless short cuts you discovered in the last few minutes to make changes in your lifestyle. And to realize that being healthy can be fun and only a few short steps away.We would really appreciate you feedback in the comments below. Peace.